Technomelt PUR for top-quality edges

PUR hotmelts are becoming more and more popular with the furniture industry. With its Technomelt PUR product range, Henkel has reached a leading position industry-wide in moisture-curing reactive polyurethane hotmelt adhesives. The main focus is edgebanding where the quality of the joint has become a benchmark for modern furniture.

henkel technomelt pur 270/7 G

In the furniture market, the surface quality of components made from wood-based materials is a deciding factor for customer acceptance. In addition to décor, color scheme and 3D effects, one of the most important aspects of edgebanding is the exquisite appearance of the joint. And it goes without saying that edges must be durably finished, capable of withstanding all wear and tear.

Technomelt PUR granules from Henkel.

Edgebanding using reactive polyurethane hotmelts has proved superior to other methods. The numerous technical and visual advantages of hotmelts – high, durable bond strength, resistance to moisture and heat, low application weight ensuring an ultra-thin bond line – make Technomelt PUR the preferred alternative to other methods on the market.

Manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in particular have recognized these advantages and are switching their manufacturing lines to PUR hotmelts. With Technomelt PUR 270/7 G, Henkel has developed an edgebanding adhesive that comes in granules and can therefore be processed immediately in existing production lines with standard melting pots.


Responding to the continuing demand for white furniture fronts, the company has introduced white-colored adhesives to its Technomelt PUR line. Mindful of health and safety, Henkel has also developed PUR ME hotmelts – the suffix “ME” stands for Micro-Emission, and this product group has up to 90% less isocyanate emissions and is therefore exempt from hazard-labeling.

Drawing on long years of experience, Henkel offers its customers a comprehensive range of solutions in PUR adhesives to meet the rising expectations on edgebanding and joints. The Technomelt PUR series has already been used to bond edge bands with a cumulated length of more than one billion meters.


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