Edgebanding chemicals

edgebander release agent edgebander spray LCM agents

LCM Lc2/30 Cleaning Agent: a Versatile cleaner for non-porous surfaces. Ideal to prepare laminated panels by removing fingerprints, light oils, light glue residue, and sawdust. Helps remove streaks and smudges. Use it for other surface cleanings, too. Great on kitchen and bath countertops as well as office work areas. Dries quickly and cleanly in use. 

LCM Lc2/10 Separating Agent: Fast-acting agent prevents and removes unwanted hot glue adhesion from laminated panels. Spray it on the tops and bottoms of laminated panel surfaces to help reduce glue residue.  Very useful and versatile, compatible with most hot glue spray systems. Dries quickly and cleanly.

LCM Lc2/21 Cooling Agent: is sprayed directly on the glue joint and on the edging material. As a result, the glue joint surface is hardened. Furthermore, the edging material is statically discharged. Tracer rollers and workpieces remain free from milling chips. Milling of (flush trimming) the PVC/PP/etc. 


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