SCM Stefani edgebanding – Industry 4.0 ready

Edgebander edgebander release agent

At the same time, unique machining accuracy and quality on any kind of panel, even the most delicate ones and more complex materials is efficiently achieved thanks to a new rounding unit and state-of-the-art devices for a perfect glue line.

These are the main new entries which make SCM technologies for edgebanding stand out in 2019. It is a business unit where the Italian group has been at the forefront for some time as a historical and reliable partner to world-renowned prestigious companies and which has its main point of reference for testing the best edgebanding solutions directly on site with the aid of a team of dedicated technicians at the Tech Lab in Thiene, Vicenza.

Industry 4.0

Stefani kd: surprising finishing quality, even on the most delicate surfaces 

Automatic, productive, versatile, ideal for working on different kinds of panels, in large quantities and with maximum quality. Stefani kd went on display at Ligna 2019 in an even more effective guise and with numerous exclusive advantages: 

  • possibility of using two different types of glue (Polyurethane and EVA) with an excellent joint line, thanks to the exclusive quality of the SGP glue pot.
  • continuous use and high-quality testing on each kind of panel, even the most delicate ones, thanks to the new upper presser with belt.
  • surprising finishing quality and invisible joint line with panels as high as 60mm, with the AirFusion+ technology.
  • automatic set-up and machining of the two different radii made with numerical control axes the range can have new fastback panel return devices that allow you to achieve maximum productivity and machining speed up to 20m/min. with just one operator. Indeed, these allow for the panel to automatically return to the edgebander loading area.

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