Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G GLUE
Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G GLUE
Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G GLUE

Technomelt PUR 270/7 Glue.

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A standard box contains 16 x 0.75 kg sachets.

Natural or white colour available. 

Technomelt PUR 270/7 G GLUE Box

Technomelt PUR glue for top-quality edges.

Product description

Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G is a universal polyurethane-based hotmelt adhesive. It is ideally suited for waterproof bonding of all standard edging materials. The granular hotmelt adhesive can be used on all standard machines without retooling. Recommendation: rinse the machine thoroughly after use with the blue-colored Henkel Technomelt Cleaner 4.


Hot-melt adhesive (polyurethane), granules.
Edge banding material: Solid wood, veneer, melamine, polyester, HPL, PVC, ABS, PP.

Area of application

For edge gluing, straight edges and soft forming.
From 15 m/minute feed rate.


The numerous technical and visual advantages of hotmelts – high, durable bond strength, resistance to moisture and heat, low application weight ensuring an ultra-thin bond line – make Technomelt PUR the preferred alternative to other methods on the market.

Product features

  • Excellent water resistance
  • High initial strength
  • Chemical cross linking within a few days
  • Excellent heat resistance and flexibility at low temperatures
  • Produces perfect, tight and nearly invisible joints

       Product information

      Adhesive type Hotmelt adhesive
      Application Bonding of edgings
      Approx. usage 150 g/m²
      Base material Polyurethane
      Feed speed > 10 m/min
      Heat resistance ≈ 150 °C
      Manufacturer Henkel
      Name Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7 G
      Processing temperature 120 - 140 °C
      Product group Hotmelt adhesive granules